Covid Update

Staff and patient protocols, May 15, 2020. This is to provide the safest environment that we can

  • Face masks worn by staff for all patient care.
  • Face shields to be used when working less than 6ft from patient
  • Patient and guardian to use their own face mask.  This can be cloth or disposable. We do have homemade cloth masks available to purchase.
  • Gloves to be used when touching a patient’s face. If the staff member is allergic to all glove materials, she will wash her hands before assisting the patient, or touching their face.
  • Sneeze guard screens are set up at check-in and check-out.

Reduction of paperwork/face to face time:

  • We will collect as much information as possible by phone before the patient enters the building. 
  • A picture of a patient’s driver’s license will be requested by email to before the patient enters the building
  • Contact lens program information will be e-mailed to the patient during or after the contact lens exam 
  • Waiting areas have less chairs in order to allow safer distances.
  • Only the patient will be admitted into the building.  One parent/guardian/caregiver is welcome for minors or those in need of assistance.
  • If a staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will inform you as promptly as possible. 
  • We also ask that if you, or a member of your household is diagnosed with COVID-19 within 2 weeks of your visit to our office, that you advise us as quickly as possible.

Dr. Elizabeth M Becker, 
Dr. Wendy Nielubowicz